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Degradation Trip

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  • In a year where the rock charts are taken over by rap-metal and emo-punk, it seems like seeing a revolution of REAL rock is hopeless. But with this cd, you just might think there IS hope that real rock will come back. This cd sounds like it came out in 1992 rather than 2002. Shame Jerry had to make this during the time that Layne Staley died- at least he dedicated the album to him. I also had the excellent opportunity to see Jerry Cantrell live this past June, when he was on the Jim Beam Road to the Rackhouse Tour with Nickelback and Epidemic. He is AMAZING live! My favorites on this cd are “Anger Rising”, “Pyschotic Break”, “Bargain Basement Howard Hughes”, and “Hellbound”, but I can easily listen to the whole cd without skipping a track :) So help to keep grunge alive and buy this cd! and also check out Cantrell’s debut “Boggy Depot”- just as good as this one.Alice in Chains are one of my ALL TIME favorite bands, probably,,, 3rd favorite after Dream Theater and Iron Maiden, and I was dissapointed to hear that Staley died, but at least their great guitarist and founder keeps their sound alive- ROCK ON JERRY, SHOW JIMMY EAT WORLD HOW ROCK IS DONE!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 2, 2010