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  • Dehumanizer is a concept recording dealing with the evils of modern technology.This is truly a heavy and powerful offer from what I believe was the best of all of Sabbath’s lineups.Dio’s masterful voice with Iommi and Butler’s great riffs make “Dehumanizer” a classic.From the opening”Computer God” we have a heavy evil sounding riff with Dio’s bounding voice.”Letters from Earth” and “Time Machine” are also powerful,pounding songs.A favorite of mine is “T.V. Crimes” a brilliant attack on dishonest TV preachers and charletans who enslave the minds of their followers. Some other great tunes are “Sins of the Father” which has a great riff. Two of my favorites are the sociopathic “I” with it’s nihlistic and narcissitic lyrics. Next is a hard pounding, powerful song called “Buried Alive” which is an attack on organized religion and it’s destruction of the happiness of people. Dio’s voice is a screaming, angry powerhouse on this track!

    If your a fan of the Sabbath,especially the Dio era,this is a must for your collection.The “reunion” with Ozzy is not the reunion I think would be the best.Bring back Mr. Dio and his brilliant songwriting.Dio and Iommi together are the best Sabbath has offered.This brings them back to the glory days of “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules”.This is powerful stuff,don’t pass up”Dehumanizer”.

    Since I wrote this review seven years ago, my dreams have come true. Sabbath is back with their best singer and frontman Ronnie James Dio as “Heaven and Hell”. Their tour has been a huge success and they are back stronger than ever. If you want to re connect with this era, “Dehumanizer” would be a great start!

    Posted on January 21, 2010