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  • After several so-so album releases carrying the name of Black Sabbath,we long-time fans FINALLY get a CD with the ‘Heaven&Hell’ line-up intact.Even though the ‘Mob Rules’ lp was good,I would say,that technically this record COULD be ‘Heaven&Hell’s follow-up,easily.Very well done,guys.I’ve heard several fans(like myself)comment that Ronnie James Dio’s vocals on this record simply never sounded better,in Sabbath,Dio nor Rainbow for that matter.Not sure if I’d totally agree with that,but rest assure,’Dehumanizer’is a great reunion effort.Only downfall is I personally doubt this CD did as good as the label Warner Bros. or the band had hoped for.Notice that both guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler’s overall playing here is outstanding too.Tracks that truly pull the listener in are “Time Machine”,”After All”,”TV Crimes”(still see the video for this song on Headbanger’s Ball now and again),”Computer God”,the Dio-like “Letters From Earth” and “Buried Alive”.Enjoy this disc as I’ve met Dio himself TWICE now while catching him out on tour and he’s mention to me that he’d NEVER reunite with Sabbath again because this CD marked the second time he was ‘burned’ by the other members.Sad,but at least fans got a ‘final’ chapter in the saga.Wouldn’t it be great if this line-up would sometime do the annual Ozzfest summer tour instead of Ozzy?Just a thought.Recommended.

    Posted on January 21, 2010