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  • I didn’t like this album at first and I absolutely hated Not One Word. When I listened to the album the first time, it just gave me a headache and I dismissed it as just harsh noise. But I did feel like the album was better than I thought. Mostly because I really enjoyed the intro and the way it blended so well with the first track. So I thought there was more to this album than I thought.

    After a couple more listens I really grew into the music. Especially after listening to A Piece of History a few times. This is an excellent album. It’s very artistic and the lyrics are fantastic. In fact, I really enjoyed listening to the music while reading the lyrics.

    Give it a couple of listens. If you can’t stand it after that, I wouldn’t bother trying to get into it. But if you do get into, you’ll see how creative and damn good the album is.

    Posted on February 18, 2010