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  • To start off I would like to explain what this album is about. There is a book in the Bible called Revelation that is about the end of the world. This album from beginning to end is pretty much that book of the Bible. It even has characters and is very story like. Some people think that having two interludes in one album with only 10 tracks is too much, but if you think about the placement of them and what is going on lyrically then you wouldn’t want it any other way. It is hands down the most amazing album I have ever heard in my life. It has very good technicaly guitar parts that are very chaotic but seem to fit perfectly with the lyrics. That in combination with some of the best drumming on the planet makes this album instrumentally breathtaking. The vocals offer extremely good range from singing to screaming to low death metal growls. The album is very well thought out and fun to listen to. I have listened to it literally over hundred times in the last couple months and I have not yet gotten board with it and still find new interesting things that I didn’t notice before almost every time I hear it. I recommend this album to everyone no matter what you listen to.

    Posted on February 18, 2010