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Delirium Cordia

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  • I have to admit that it took me a couple of listens before really bonding with this album. It is disturbing, discomforting, and takes you someplace where your darkest, most maddening nightmares originate, but allthewhile is a brilliant musical composition that takes music to the very brink of sanity and coherence, teeters as if to jump, then recoils back into (relative) lucidity. It is a piece that can best be described as the musical equivalent to being trapped in a morgue at night and keeping yourself entertained until morning dissecting the corpses, who then awaken and attack you with your own scalpel. Because this composition has been subject to so much criticism, I make the analogy that Mike Patton is the Arnold Schönberg of our time. Schönberg, whose compositions many of his early critics rejected, also pushed the musical boundaries with pieces that conformed to neither key nor time. He is an indisputable genius, and anyone that agrees with this statement is probably as fascinated by Mike Patton as I am, and would undoubtedly enjoy the journey into the musical hellscape that is Delirium Cordia.

    Posted on November 25, 2009