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Deliver Us

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  • This is Darkest Hour’s second album produced by Devin Townsend. He did an amazing job with the experimentation of “Undoing Ruin”. What they learned working together on that album really comes out in “Deliver Us”. Its almost a masterpiece. The guitar playing stands out the most. Townsend really focused on Kris Norris and Mike Scheliebaum. Amazing solos are all over the place. The drumming and bass is as expected of Darkest Hour -excellent time changes. Together they pulled off an atmosphere that will make this a classic metal album.
    Now here is where musicianship comes in. Darkest Hour has grown a lot since “So Sedated..” and they are able to pull off a more epic sound. John Henry had to EVOLVE his vocals to fit. His screams and growls still dominate the album. He has only added another element to his vocals. Kinda like what Matt Heafy had to do with Trivium when they put out the Crusade, except not nearly as extreme.

    There are always those “original” fans that cling on to the old school and reject the new. Yet they fail to make any comparisons between the two sounds. Darkest Hour has been playing this style of metal since they were kids. “Deliver Us” is a progression of that style -the band did not take on a new sound. If I did not follow this band I would assume that “Deliver Us” came before “Undoing Ruin”, as it actually ties “..Sadist Nation” and “Undoing Ruin” together. If you loved either one of those albums then you will like this one.

    When I first listened to the album and the song Demons came on i thought “what? is john trying to sing?”. I was really bored by the chorus on that track. The assumption by the so-called old schoolers is that Darkest Hour is selling out, going main stream, blah blah whine poop mommy whyyyy -But if they were a little more opened minded about the new album instead of expecting the band cover something that was already done ten years ago, they would realize that John is only syncing himself in with the atmosphere Townsend was trying to create. And despite watering down the track Demons, he did an excellent job on the rest of the album. There are parts where growling just would not work. The track A Paradox With Flies is a good example of this.

    Stand And Receive Your Judgment is the strongest track on this album for those who like the earlier stuff.
    Tungusta is the best example of their evolution for those who were more in to their last two albums.
    Five stars. Buy this album. See you at Sounds of the Underground.

    Posted on February 28, 2010