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Deliver Us

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  • Darkest Hour’s fifth full-length, “Deliver Us”, is yet another strong album by this band. Devin Townsend did a nice job producing this album, I must say, but let’s get to the music.

    “Deliver Us” is a melodic metal album that shows definite progression for the band. The guitars give out more of an epic feel, but are still very similar in the vein of their previous days. John Henry still stands out as a vocalist, and even with singing vocals (which he uses sparingly), he’s still intense and stands out well. The best element of “Deliver Us” is the guitar work. Tracks such as “An Ethereal Drain” and “Doomsayer” demonstrate the excellence of guitarists Kris Norris and Mike Scheliebaum that they still carry on. “Stand and Receive Your Judgment” and “Sanctuary” are songs that won’t disappoint for those who liked their more speed-oriented “Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation” days. “Demon(s)”, the first single, has a catchy chorus and guitar riff. “Tunguska” is a perfect example of a more “epic” track. This CD is able to keep its variety, yet it doesn’t disappoint.

    Check this out if you’re into melodic metal. If you’re a Darkest Hour fan, you may notice the change, but listen to it a few times and it’ll grow on you. Darkest Hour has progressed well during their years as a band, and “Deliver Us” is proof.

    Posted on March 1, 2010