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  • In Thier last 3 Albums, COC has gone through many changes in band members. But with Deliverence, and the proof that they stayed the same with Wiseblood, shows that this band has finally found what they’ve been looking for. And the music shows. When you first listen to the album, the track that stands out the most is probably “Clean My Wounds”, which has become one of the bands most popular songs. Using pretty simple guitar riffs, the band puts out a more than simple beat. And the guitar solo fits in perfectly to give the song a kick. It automatically became one of my favorite songs when I first heard it. I knew I had to hear what else COC had to show. “Without Wings” and “Mano De Mono” show the bands more quieter side, using nothing but music. “Shelter” does the same, except with lyrics. And it sends a strong message, ‘You’ve been cheating my friend / Tell me whos heart is bleeding again’. The heavier parts in ! this album include “Broken Man”, “Senor Limpio”, and “Deliverance”, along with others. Some give a sound that people aren’t used to, which might make some of the album an acquired taste. This is probably why they dont get the airplay that they do deserve. Overall, Deliverance is their best album thus far, and Wiseblood doesn’t fall short by much. I hope this band keeps making music, and as long as it keeps this quality, i’ll keep buying.

    Posted on February 7, 2010