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  • Sure Pepper was in COC when Blind was recorded, but this album marks the beginning of a band and a sound that has no equals.

    Most people revere this album as some kind of hallowed gem and they are correct. The first COC album to be dominated by Pepper’s songwriting and singing – it showcases a talent in music that few can match. It’s like Pepper comes from some super-planet of music – where maybe the only other inhabitant is Tony Iommi or something.

    But this album also makes it VERY clear that Mike, Woody, and Reed are monsters in their own right. They collectively create something that oozes virtuosity. Each player is a master of their sound and instrument and it all comes together in some hazy dreamlike brilliance.

    This album is required material. After countless spins – my fav song is `Pearls Before Swine’. That rumbling bass line and the amazing blast into the hook is unbelievably good. WOW!

    Posted on February 7, 2010