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  • Fear Factory’s “Demanufacture” is without question, the greatest Fear Factoy album recorded. No filler tracks here. Just spine-crushing riffs by Dino, INCREDIBLE drumming by Raymond, AWESOME bass playing by Christian and great singing and screaming by Burton C. Bell on EVERY track. You can’t go wrong on this album – it’s too damn great!Tracks are:1. Demanufacture: MASSIVELY heavy song. Set’s the mood for the rest of the album. Dino riffs are AWESOME! Burton C. Bell proves he can sing as well as scream on this song.2. Self Bias Resistor: This song should be a drummer’s anthem. Raymond’s work is Unbelievable! This is many people’s favorite track on the album and rightfully so! Awesome riffs, but Burton C. Bell vocals stand out in this song. This Song has one of the, if not THE greatest chorus in Metal music history. A plain GREAT song.3. Zero Signal: GREAT SONG! One of the best on the album. This should have been a single!!!! Dino’s work on this song is GREAT with bone-breaking riffs. Raymond also is great on this song. Great use of Synthesizers as well.4. Replica: The album’s most popular song. Fear Factory even did a video for this song. It’s an great song. Awesome intro and great lyrics. Again, a great song.5. New Breed: A interesting mix of Techno and Metal. This is probably my least favorite track on the album, but it still is pretty cool. Great use of Synthesizers to get that Techo sound. It’s kinda weird at first listen, but you’ll start to like it as you listen to it more.6. Dog Day Sunrise: A cover from the band Head Of David. GREAT SONG! Very cool riffs (although there are only 2 in the whole song. They definelty blew the original version away.7. Body Hammer: AWESOME riffs! A great song with good lyrics and Raymond again kickin’ massive @$$ on the drums.8. Flashpoint. One of the most Brutal, Fast, and INSANELY heavy songs EVER. And all packed in under 3 minutes. AWESOME bass intro and Massive vocals by Burton. Too bad they don’t play this live often.9. H-K (Hunter-Killer): My favortie song on the Ablum! INCREDIBLE SONG! HEAVY guitars and GREAT lyrics and singing by Burton. They need to play this live more often. Just a plain great song.10. Pisschrist: Wow. That’s all I can say about this song. I never knew how opposed to religious hypocrisy Burton is. An GREAT song and Dino has some of his best work on this song. But be warned, if you are deeply relgious, you will most likely be offened by this song. However, it still rules!11. A Therapy For Pain: A Nice, slow way to finish the album. Clocking just under 10 minutes, this song seems VERY long. When Burton stops singing, we hear the Synthesizers yet again for 4-5 minutes. A very moving song.Well, like I said, This is the BEST Fear Factory album. All Fear Factory beginners should start here. All fans of Techo Metal will love this as well as just-metal lovers. One of the greatest metal albums EVER. Definetly check it out.

    Posted on January 30, 2010