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Demon Hunter

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  • Anyone who ever thought Christian rock/metal was just P.O.D. and Creed are hugely mistaken. Those bands suck. Anyways, I’ve sort of been getting into Christian metal (since I’m a Christian myself). Pretty much, if you’re Christian, or not for that matter, but don’t like any of the mainstream Christian bands, well, let me introduce you to Demon Hunter.Simply put, Demon Hunter fxcking rocks. Whether you’re Christian or not, these guys could appeal to anybody. Anyways, their sound, well, it’s like a more melodic Slipknot. It’s like if Slipknot decided to write about God, drop the whole 666 thing, and added more melody to their music, it would sound like Demon Hunter. The first track, “Screams of the Undead”, begins with some effect, then the music kicks in and the vocalist screams his brains out. Another thing I noticed is that the singer has a very different voice when he sings. I was thinking during the chorus, “Is this the same guy?”. “Infected” is the single, and it’s some brutal stuff. Sort of reminded me of Killswitch Engage in some areas. The verses are brutal, with some insane guitar hooks and killer double bass, then goes into a melodic chorus. The last 20 sec. of the song is the best, especially the drummer, who goes nuts on his double pedal. Ready for a 360? With “My Throat Is An Open Grave”, they go hard rock, and it sort of sounds like a mellower Tool songs. With no screaming at all, it’s definitely the chill point of the record. “Turn Your Back and Run” is my favorite track. Right from the git-go, you’re greeted with thunderous riffs, double bass action, and angry vocals. The chorus this time involves yelling: “Switch, you got to turn your back and run.” Then once you hit the bridge, they throw a curveball by adding Cradle of Filth keys to the mix. Yeah, it’s weird Cradle is mentioned on a Christian album review, but it’s so spooky, that it would come from something like Cradle.So it sounds like a 5- star review, so what’s the problem with it? Well, it’s not heavy enough. It sort of seems like they put just enough gore in it to be labeled metal, while adding shxtloads of melody in the mix. The melodic parts great, but the screaming is flat out brutal. However, this is a great debut. Whether, you’re Christian or no, this band deserves your attention. Their new album, Summer of Darkness, comes out in April. Get It!

    Posted on February 3, 2010