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Demon Hunter

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  • While I’m a spiritual person I am by no means religious. Actually organized religion……never mind, not the point. The point is I bought this album in a non-secular popular media outlet, and to be honest it was the cool goat/demon skull on the cover that caught my eye, I had never heard of the band, it sounds shallow but please bear with me, if you love heavy music you’ll love Demon Hunter. While lyrics do touch on religion, it is more an ethereal feel no preaching. The breaks are killer, if you’re one who loves cool breaks, I’m a sucker for them. The match of the gutteral and lyrical vocal stylings is, if I may, a match made in heaven. This CD is heavy!! Thank goodness it wasn’t in some sort of ‘religious’ section at the media outlet or I would be missing out. Long review made short, don’t let the ‘christian’ label scare you off (if I would’ve known prior to purchase I never would’ve given it an initial let alone a second glance)you won’t be sorry!

    Posted on February 3, 2010