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Demons and Wizards

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  • “Demons and Wizards” is one of the most underrated heavy metal/progressive rock albums to be released in the early 70s. The album solidified their reputation as the progressive rock innovators that they were. From the short, concise pop/rock songs (“The Wizard”, “Easy Livin’”), to the lengthy epic art rockers (“Circle of Hands”, “Paradise/The Spell”), Uriah Heep constructed an album that will carry their reputation as one of the best gothic/metal bands ever. Although they had set the ground work for their signature sound on albums such as “Uriah Heep” (1970) and the underrated “Look at Yourself” (1971), “Demons and Wizards” towers above it’s predecessors.

    “The Wizard” sets the mood and rhythm for the entire album. Starting off with a simple acoustic guitar rhythm, then building up to ear piercing rumblings; “The Wizard” is one of Uriah Heep’s all time anthems. “Traveller in Time” and “Easy Livin’” as exceptional pieces of work too. The latter being their only hit that I know of; which peaked at #39 on the charts (I just heard it on the radio yesterday). “Rainbow Demon” is among my favorites. The album would have been less impressive without “Circle of Hands” and “Paradise/The Spell”. Those epic rockers fill out the space nicely, with a lot of variety. The guitar and keyboard solos are very inventive. The wide range of vocals are exceptionally showcased.

    The bottom line is, “Demons and Wizards” is an underrated classic. If you’re into bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, or even Kansas; you should definitely check this out.

    Posted on March 6, 2010