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Demons and Wizards

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  • “Demons and Wizards” truely stands the proverbial test of time. I was turned onto the album back in the seventies when it was first was released. My brother and I shared a room and he forbad me to use his stereo. Of course, the admonition , to my great fortune, was transgressed. I perused through his ever-increasing library of rock only to stop at this exciting group called “Uriah Heep.” Intrigued, I carefully placed the record on the old BIC turntable amplified through a now antiquated quadraphonic stereo system. As the needle made contact with vinyl my ears were introduced and taken places that musically I would’ve thought never possible. The album took me to the playground of the wizards and sages of old. The beautiful acoutical guitar work on the title cut still sends shivers through my spine today thirty years later! The depth of the music transcends the shallowness of today’s music. It has the ability to not only place you on the “magic carpet ride,” but guide you along safely. I was so smitten with the album that I had it special ordered when I went to college. Nowdays, with our CD supply becoming oversatuarated, it’s a pleasure and comfort to know we can go back to the days when music was created and played for the sake and in the name of music. By the way, I never got caught using my brother’s stereo. And even if I did, I had plenty of “goods” on him if you know what I mean.

    Posted on March 6, 2010