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  • Here we go again, the whole deathcore genre has been played out. When I mean played out, I mean it’s been used and sold until you couldn’t get an ounce more out of it.

    Oceano are prime examples of what are good musicians playing bland music. Unfortunately for the other reviewers zeal, the same can’t be said for me. A lot of awkward placed breakdowns are present. It had the makings of a good album, but suffers from the same down-tuned, passionless filth we are being over saturated with.

    Take any track on this album and listen to any other dozen albums and you’ll feel like you’ve got a major sense of identity crisis going on. Which there is. Too many bands doing the same thing is never good.

    The only real upside I can say about this band is the production of the CD was excellent. Outside of that, you’d be a fool to think you’ve come into a new band.

    Posted on November 29, 2009