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Derringer Live

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  • I never understand why people will write a review of a product without actually owning that product. That is like saying a car handles great from just looking at it but never actually setting foot inside the vehicle and driving it. I pre-ordered this CD when I heard about it finally being available on CD. This record is so old, my memory of it made me remember it as a fabulous live album. It WAS the best album period with the “DERRINGER” band line-up, bettter than the King Biscuits and the Paradise Theater shows. I know, I own or have owned them all. I always had a weak spot for little Rick and his BIG guitar. I would always buy whatever he was putting out. His best was the “Play Dirty” record in the mid-80’s. Check it out if you can find it, only on vinyl though. I was excited about getting this but when it was over in one listen that is 8 tracks weighing at less than 35 minutes, I felt that my memory had let me down. It does bring back memories of a very different time. This is an average record, probably a 3 1/2 star release but I will not give it a 4 for the simple reason of the release. The year is 2004 and to finally release this as is with not one single bonus track or additional picture is a rip-off. The book contains no additional pictures or liner notes. This is a WOUNDED BIRD problem because all their re-releases have this fault (Blackfoot, Henry Paul, Loudness, etc.). Glad to see an LP finally be released on CD but to just copy the album is lazy and not a good package for any fan waiting to finally get an album on CD. There was a Live promo of Rick live at the Agora in Cleveland released in 1976, we could have had some of those tracks making this a better release but no. We deserve more! Especially with all or most of his late 70’s-early 80’s LP’s being released as 2 LP on 1 CD. This will bring back memories which is a good thing but just not a way of thanking the fans for keeping his career alive for all these many years. It could have and should have been better

    Posted on March 8, 2010