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Descend into Depravity

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  • Dying Fetus have created a fantastic new and brutal cd. This new affair is more streamlined with songs only from 3-4 min, except for the title track which is 5min. It’s all about quality and not quantity. I am fine with short songs that are killer and that is what DF has done. I like this better than the last few releases, probably because it’s more straightforward brutality. John does the majority of the singing on this, this time around, and his low ends sounds killer. The bassist Sean lends some vocals that are the higher pitched raspier vocals that have always been a part of DF. Guitarwork is amazing and technical. I noticed some parts that seemed a little like Origin-that were super fast drumming, faster than DF is known for. The breakdowns will pummel everyone, as usual, no one does it better than DF. They have even added a few 808 sonic boom bass parts that add to the brutality. Anyway this is more straightforward brutal in your face smash mouth death metal that is more similiar to their earlier works. One of this yr’s best!!!

    Posted on January 18, 2010