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One Day As A Lion is the creation of musical comrades Zack De La Rocha & Jon Theodore. This is music about space – the space between friends and collaborators where ideas form; the space in a song where the tension builds waiting for the next wave of sound; the space in the corners of the recording studio (Sinatra’s old room at Ocean Way) where the sound gathers to fade and die. One Day As A Lion worked hard to capture that space on tape, unadulterated, unmolested, from heart to hand to skins to mics to tape to speaker to ear. The result, someone said, sounds like Led Zep meets Dr. Dre.After almost a decade of speculative anticipation on the part of his fans, Rage Against the Machine’s Zach de la Rocha finally returns to the studio, with former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore. It’s been a long wait, but if anything, the machine’s sway has only grown more insidious, and de la Rocha rises to meet it as if he hadn’t missed a beat. RATM fans will find all the familiar sonic and lyrical calling cards here, but One Day as a Lion is a mimeograph of neither contributor’s flagship band. ”If You Fear Dying” and opener ”Wild International” highlight this five-song, 20-minute set. Sharing nearly synchronized leading riffs, the two songs also take similar liberties with religious taboo: ”I target more heads than a priest on Ash Wednesday” (”If You Fear Dying”); ”I’m like a nail stuck in the wrist of their Christmas” (”Wild International”). In ”Ocean View”–a heart-breaking, impressionist portrayal of the PATRIOT Act’s capacity for enabling new twists on the old story of racial profiling–de la Rocha’s wailing chorus glides atop a merciless cascade of thunderous drums. For those who follow either of these guys, everything here merits sustained attention. More generally, for those who like their protest music hard, loud, and in small doses, One Day as a Lion is king for a day, at least. –Jason Kirk

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  • Before I heard the album I got to here them live in Albuquerque,NM. I have to say that the album is good but hearing them live is even better. I was really wondering how they would sound. Whith out the orignal vocals, I thought that they sounded better than ever. They changed the sound alittle but it was for the better. I think that every rock fan should have this album, and I can’t wait for there next album to come out. If you get the chance go see them live.

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • We are talking music not sympathy and affection so stop praising this band because their singer died but they carried on etc.. I’m sorry about their loss but that doesn’t change the fact that DP sounds like a regular college band. Comparing them to the likes of Pantera is either the greatest flattery they will ever get or an insult to Pantera. There are some good songs but only good enough not to change the station on the radio. Buying the CD has been a waste of money for me. (…)

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A lot of people say the same thing about this album, “It’s not Dave.” Well, yeah, it isn’t. As much as I loved Dave’s vocals and miss them as well, Drowning Pool made a smart choice in not trying to get the same sound. It was said that they received a tape of someone that sounded just like Dave, but turned it down because they didn’t want to make it seem like Dave was just another voice. Having said that, I thought Jason was a good addition to the band, while not sounding like Dave, he brings something new to the group. Some of the songs seem a bit more emotional, which is understandable seeing that the band suffered a very big loss. However this album still brings that gritty and heavy sound that Drowning Pool tends to give. “Step Up”, “Think”, “Killin Me”, and “Cast Me Aside” are all heavy favorites. However, as many fans may know, I’m writing this review a day or two after it was announced that Jason was released. This is a shame because the rest of the band is very talented and to have to go through so much trouble all the time is unfortunate. This album is not “Sinner” but is still good. Frankly, if Drowning Pool is able to bounce back from Jason leaving and give us an album equal to or better than “Sinner” then they will be one of the biggest metal bands to date. This is a good album, and long live Dave.

    Posted on December 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Granted Dave Williams was an amazing stage presence and just a natural born front man, so good live in fact that I believe he was easily the overall reason Drowning Pool broke thru to begin with, I mean seriously, how many other singers do you see doing “bodies” as well. That being said I always thought “Bodies” while catchy, was really just over done to the point of true 14 yearold lamedness, some have tried to compare “Bodies” to Pantera’s “walk” which is hillarious, they have compostional similarities but thats it. On to “Desensitezed”. Not as heavy an album as I normal would buy but Far better than Sinner which did not flow worth a damn, and had maybe 3 songs that anybody ever listened to. I never bought the album nor ever had the urge to. Every song on Desensitized flows, is just as heavy as any on Sinner( btw, theyre are alot of tards on here thinking Drowning Pool was ever “Heavy” to begin with) and the new singer is just as good vocaly as Dave ever was, it makes me sick that DamagePlan couldnt have got this guy.Desensitezed is a Heavy straight ahead Rock record, one that I listen to tracks 1-11 straight over and over again with no problems at all, which is a very rare thing for me being the picky sob I am. Its not a Pantera rip-off or anywhere close to Pantera, its just a good simple heavy straight ahead groove rock record, whats wrong with that? It sure as hell better than kid rock.

    Posted on December 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you like those bands that angrily shout all the lyrics through their songs you’ll love Desensitized. If you loved Drowning Pool’s Sinner you might not like Desensitized.

    The three surviving members of Drowning Pool and Jason “Gong” Jones will probably tell you that “Jason-Gong is not Dave Williams” (the original Drowning Pool singer that died tragically in 2002). And that’s the problem with Desensitized. There will be many people buying the CD to get Drowning Pool, but instead they will get a new hard rock band with the same name.

    The band rocking on Desensitized has three dudes from Drowning Pool and a guy named Jason Gong Jones at the mic. It is not the Drowning Pool that recorded Sinner. The band is calling itself Drowning Pool, but there is a big difference between the former Drowning Pool and the latter Drowning Pool.

    Gone are the songs with anthem choruses like “let the bodies hit the floor”, “reminded of you”, “all over me”, “raise your hand if you’re a sinner”. These are replaced on Desensitized by what seem to be more short, angry, declarative statement choruses. The clearly sung choruses recited repetitively to an awesome, banging beat that the Drowning Pool that included Dave Williams was so fond of are sorely missed on this CD.

    Desensitized is hard rocking fun. But it is not the Drowning Pool that recorded Sinner (did I mention that?). So keep an open mind when you push play on this new group’s CD and don’t be disappointed when you hear for yourself that “it is just not Drowning Pool”. This band should have come up with a new name for the new group.

    On this CD Gong uses that angry shout much more than Dave did. And that is ironic because he should be the happiest guy in hard rock to have landed a gig with CJ Pierce, Mike Luce and Stevie Benton.

    Update 8-8-2005 – Soil’s former singer Ryan McCombs joins Drowning Pool with a new release possible by year’s end according to info on the Drowning Pool website. My expectations are very high. Ryan’s singing is hard and very clear. See my review of Soil’s Redefine.

    Posted on December 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now