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  • Granted Dave Williams was an amazing stage presence and just a natural born front man, so good live in fact that I believe he was easily the overall reason Drowning Pool broke thru to begin with, I mean seriously, how many other singers do you see doing “bodies” as well. That being said I always thought “Bodies” while catchy, was really just over done to the point of true 14 yearold lamedness, some have tried to compare “Bodies” to Pantera’s “walk” which is hillarious, they have compostional similarities but thats it. On to “Desensitezed”. Not as heavy an album as I normal would buy but Far better than Sinner which did not flow worth a damn, and had maybe 3 songs that anybody ever listened to. I never bought the album nor ever had the urge to. Every song on Desensitized flows, is just as heavy as any on Sinner( btw, theyre are alot of tards on here thinking Drowning Pool was ever “Heavy” to begin with) and the new singer is just as good vocaly as Dave ever was, it makes me sick that DamagePlan couldnt have got this guy.Desensitezed is a Heavy straight ahead Rock record, one that I listen to tracks 1-11 straight over and over again with no problems at all, which is a very rare thing for me being the picky sob I am. Its not a Pantera rip-off or anywhere close to Pantera, its just a good simple heavy straight ahead groove rock record, whats wrong with that? It sure as hell better than kid rock.

    Posted on December 13, 2009