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  • A lot of people say the same thing about this album, “It’s not Dave.” Well, yeah, it isn’t. As much as I loved Dave’s vocals and miss them as well, Drowning Pool made a smart choice in not trying to get the same sound. It was said that they received a tape of someone that sounded just like Dave, but turned it down because they didn’t want to make it seem like Dave was just another voice. Having said that, I thought Jason was a good addition to the band, while not sounding like Dave, he brings something new to the group. Some of the songs seem a bit more emotional, which is understandable seeing that the band suffered a very big loss. However this album still brings that gritty and heavy sound that Drowning Pool tends to give. “Step Up”, “Think”, “Killin Me”, and “Cast Me Aside” are all heavy favorites. However, as many fans may know, I’m writing this review a day or two after it was announced that Jason was released. This is a shame because the rest of the band is very talented and to have to go through so much trouble all the time is unfortunate. This album is not “Sinner” but is still good. Frankly, if Drowning Pool is able to bounce back from Jason leaving and give us an album equal to or better than “Sinner” then they will be one of the biggest metal bands to date. This is a good album, and long live Dave.

    Posted on December 13, 2009