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Desert Call

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  • Desert Call

    This band is very much up there with all my favorite Prog metal bands , Dream Theater, Symphony X , Pain of Salvation and so on, There first album was a great , heavier than desert call and with there keyboard player singing lead , who does a dam good job!!, so i was a little concerned when I found out that they were getting a new lead singer for this album and they were changing there sound , but I was hooked on it pretty much right away I think they already have found there own sound still metal but with a taste of there country’s music and very melodic, all I can say is 2 great first albums in a row , I don’t think many bands that are in my top 10 list have had there first album hit me like this band’s did. And for them to take the chance and change there sound and still keep my attention is even more thrilling for me.

    Posted on January 19, 2010