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  • It’s kind of irritating that I downloaded this thing and now that I’m listening to it, I hear absolutely no difference from my previous edition. Am I missing something here? There’s nothing on the level of the treatment that Nothing got back in 2006. I guess that’s kind of what I was expecting. It’s not a pretty clean record as it is anyway — nothing on the level of studio wizardry, but nothing out of balance.

    Posted on January 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well the verdict is out- these new Meshuggah re-releases claiming to be re-mastered are in fact a ploy for you to spend your hard earned $ on cool looking jewel cases and booklets-that’s it. Not that this amazing album needed to be remastered in any way I was at least expecting to hear some oomph in volume/loudness. Guess what-there was none. I feel duped. Their is no change in sound quality from the original release-none. I listened to it in my car and my killer home audio-same sounding cd. This is b.s. The jewel case is an interesting design, but that is the only difference, hardly a reason to buy a cd. The extra songs are demo versions of songs off the DEI, and they are pretty pointless. Actually the song Aztec Two-Step is from the None ep, I never heard before. This song is actually pretty damn killer!. So if you never heard the song, just download it off iTunes and save yourself some $. I was prepared to buy the other new Meshuggah remasters, but not after hearing this one. Plus why re-release Contradictions Collapse w/the none ep? They just did that less than 10 yrs ago. Nuclear Blast dropped the ball on this one and it’s just to get new Meshuggah fans to spend money since Meshuggah are now the hot metal act at the moment. I want my $ back for this scam of a so-called remaster!!!

    Posted on January 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Another great CD by the best band in the world. DEI is full of hardcore riffs, screams, Bass, and Drums. This CD is a little diffrent from there album just before this one “Contradictions Collapse” Its a little more edgey and in your face. The album starts off with “Future Breed Machine” “the best song on the CD, my opinion.” This song gets right in your face. Eveytime I hear it puts a smile on my face its great. All of the other songs are just as good though. Pick this CD up today. If you heard any of there other stuff and liked it. You sould like this.

    Posted on January 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Regardless of what else might be posted, this is a very worthwhile album. Not only does it bring back one of my favorite Meshuggah albums, but with additional tracks. However, brace yourself… if you are looking for entirely different versions, you will be disappointed. Unlike the re-release of Chaosphere, with four completely different versions of Future Breed Machine (one of my favorites, originally included on this album), the final tracks on this will be like re-listening to a couple you just have. The live version of God’s of Rapture and Aztec Two-Step (one of the most brutal bada** Meshuggah songs) totally make up for it (not to mention that the demo tracks are still sweet.) All in all, this re-issue/remastered album is for the new listener, just delving into chaotic metal, and the old fan who has worn through the foil of their disc. It’s not really an item for someone with a good working original release, but for all that is brutal, be sure to download Aztec Two-Step. I was originally going to give this four stars, but since the other two reviews slammed it in all of its perfection, I feel it only necessary to give it the ratings boost it deserves.

    Posted on January 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now