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Det Som Engang Var

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  • The Burzum/Ask EP is far less musically and conceptually advanced in comparison to this album. I own both and have for a while, but Det Som Engang Var, tops the debut. There is no gauge for the mastery of the mood, that is what primarily sticks out between the two albums. In the debut Varg uses very low quality musicianship, i love it still however, and he does a lot of switching between minor and major chord systems; this produces a noticeable shift in moods, and in fact he uses more major than minor which is dissapointing to say the least. However, in Det… he has almost completely mastered the sustenance of the mood. There is much less major chord usage, and far more minor chord, not only usage but progressions taking the music out of the previous album’s minimilistic properties somewhat. Burzum still remains minimilist to the definition of the term on this album, but the drums are more varied, the guitar takes on beautiful mourning melodies, and as usual the vocals are the epitome of torture. This album is a much better listen, and retains more sophisticated atmospheric elements. I do not discredit Burzum’s debut however, that is an essential for any BM fan.

    Posted on November 21, 2009