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Det Som Engang Var

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  • Varg’s metal albums excel not through technical complexity, but rather through the arrangement and combination of atmospheres and haeðenfyr. On this release, actual “songs”–musical arrangements with refrains, full arangements, and lyrics–are not in the majorty; the ambient/noise/instrumental pieces are very dark and obscure, while the heavy metal tracks possess a distinct floating/drone quality. Individuals seeking wild guitar solos and fancy drum limes are advised to search elsewhere (Yngwie Malsteem, Morbid Angel, etc.). Each track is an essential piece of the whole; I strongly suggest that this album be listened in its entirety without interruption. Unlike many other albums, it is not composed of several songs that can be appreciated independently and placed on mix cds to be listened to while driving to the local gas station to buy cheap beer.

    Posted on November 21, 2009