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Dethalbum II Deluxe Version (CD + DVD)

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  • Even better than the first! If you liked the original Dethalbum the second won’t let you down! The songs and lyrics are noticably more complex and refined. The deluxe edition is essential. for the mere extra two dollars you get a bonus DVD! Well worth the price. Without a doubt the best album relesed this year!

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After the first Dethalbum I could not imagine them topping that, but Brendon Small has outdone himself.
    This album has more intricate layers of rhythm guitar and more symphonic effects. The videos somewhat console me for missing the live tour. Getting the deluxe edition for almost 1 hr of music videos was well worth it in my opinion.
    Anyways, I can’t stop listening to this album and I think my ears are bleeding as I’m typing this review.

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just like when I reviewed the first Dethalbum, I won’t be reviewing this one like I usually do for more than obvious reasons. If you’re one of those crazy metalheads who freaks out because they feel Metalocalypse and Dethklok are destroying metal then stop reading now, I have no sympathy for you, and quite honestly it’s people like you that are destroying our beloved music by crapping on anything that’s even slightly new or doesn’t take itself so seriously that it’s sad, by doing this you are stagnating the genre and halting growth. Now that my rant is done it’s move on to the actual product being reviewed. Musically this is much more technical and legitimate than the first. Having said that is isn’t anywhere near as catchy or funny as the original Dethalbum. Also the vocals are a little higher in some places, and call me a hypocrite if you will, but this ruins it a little for me because Nathan Explosion is supposed to always be low pitched and guttural. Overall it’s a solid comedy death metal release that I found very enjoyable but it didn’t quite catch the magic that the first one did. Highlights include “Bloodlines” “The Gears”, and “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence”.

    The DVD included in the deluxe edition is surprisingly worth it. It has specially made parts along with every music video created for each song. This makes it great for fans. I will admit that it was a tad misleading though, when I ordered it I was under the impression that I was getting 52 minutes of live footage. Oh well, it was a bit disappointing but I still enjoyed the DVD a great deal.

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dethklok, a “fake” band from the Adult Swim series “Metalocalypse” has released their 2nd CD, Dethalbum II. The first Dethalbum was a fun little CD to play for your friends and joke around about how it was based on a cartoon band, Dethalbum II is a completely different monster. Is Dethklok a novelty band? Yes. Do they have some outlandish lyrics and song titles? Yes, but then again, no more than some of the more popular metal bands that have been around for years now. Is Dethalbum II a CD to just write off as a joke? Not at all. When listening to this cd after the first one, you actually hear growth from the band as musicians. This Cd is full of catchy riffs and drum beats that you can’t really help but enjoy. Sure the lyrical content isnt going to win Brendan Small a Grammy for songwriting, but turn on your local Rock radio station and listen to what those bands have to say. Trust me, it isn’t any better. Now before I get a bunch of negative comments, I am in no way saying that Dethklok is the next Pantera or Slayer or Metallica, so settle down. What I am saying is that it’s sad that a band like this will immediately get written off because it’s not a real band, while bands with far less talent get platinum records and sell out arenas all over the world because the radio forces them down our throats.(I’m looking at you “Disturbed”) That being said, Dethalbum II is a really solid metal cd. It deserves a chance to be heard by any fan of metal, no matter what your favorite band may be. Don’t discredit the band because it’s from a cartoon, listen with an open mind and you just might be surprised in the end

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In a recent scientific study 99.98% of people listening to Dethalbum II die… instantly… in a bloody explosion. Survival rate after initial exposure is nominal as long as you head bang constantly.

    As for the album:

    - Nathan Explosion graces us with some high pitched growls. Probably the most common cause of instant deth associated with listening to the album.
    - Skwisgaar makes “demonically fast” seem like “unicornally slow” with his supreme command of a guitar. My fingers bleed just listening to the album.
    -Not sure if Toki even plays on this album.
    -Murderface made all sandwiches that were consumed during the making of this album and it really shows. He makes a brutal sandwich.
    -Pickles never disappoints. What he lacks in hair he makes up in 16th note double bass pedal beats.

    As for the bonus DVD:

    Sure we don’t get bonus songs but we must be thankful for what Dethklok did give us. A whole set of brutal music videos. These contain original animations that were never shown on Metalocalypse. Murmaider, Hatredcopter and Thunderhorse are extremely brutal. The Murmaider music video is the single most brutal and amazing video my eyes have ever seen.

    As for the songs:

    -Bloodlines: Gets you really hooked into the album. If you don’t feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach after listening to this song you must be some kind of God.
    -The Gears: Just when you thought you could get a break from the metal think again. By now your neck should start getting sore.
    -Burn The Earth: The solo in this song demands air guitaring. Only your worthless hands will be able to only match 2% of the notes.
    -Laser Cannon Deth Sentence: The main riff of this song is brutal.
    -Black Fire Upon Us: The slowest song on the album. This will probably be your local high school’s slow dance song for all of the school dances.
    -Dethsupport: most people must be put on life support at this point in the album… therefore the appropriate song title.
    -The Cyborg Slayers: My only complaint about this song is that my ears are not efficient enough to hear all of the notes during the solo. Hopefully my cyborg masters will give me a cybernetic implant…
    -I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin: Valhalla recently gained the rights to use this song for their alarm clocks to get everyone in a killing mood first thing in the morning.
    -Murmaider II: The Water God: Sequel? Check. Brutal? Check. Shredding? Check. Metal? Check. Mermaid? Check. Murder? Check.
    -Comet Song: What can be more brutal than a fiery deth from above.
    -Symmetry: This song carries us to the end of the album with a brutal riff… making us feel like we’ve been chopped into two perfectly symmetrical pieces.
    -Volcano: If you’ve made this far into the album you’re doing pretty good. Don’t let your guard down because you could very well die before listening to the entire album. Brutal end to a brutal album.

    If you’ve made it through a listen, repeat over and over into oblivion.

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now