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Dethalbum II Deluxe Version (CD + DVD)

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  • Dethklok, a “fake” band from the Adult Swim series “Metalocalypse” has released their 2nd CD, Dethalbum II. The first Dethalbum was a fun little CD to play for your friends and joke around about how it was based on a cartoon band, Dethalbum II is a completely different monster. Is Dethklok a novelty band? Yes. Do they have some outlandish lyrics and song titles? Yes, but then again, no more than some of the more popular metal bands that have been around for years now. Is Dethalbum II a CD to just write off as a joke? Not at all. When listening to this cd after the first one, you actually hear growth from the band as musicians. This Cd is full of catchy riffs and drum beats that you can’t really help but enjoy. Sure the lyrical content isnt going to win Brendan Small a Grammy for songwriting, but turn on your local Rock radio station and listen to what those bands have to say. Trust me, it isn’t any better. Now before I get a bunch of negative comments, I am in no way saying that Dethklok is the next Pantera or Slayer or Metallica, so settle down. What I am saying is that it’s sad that a band like this will immediately get written off because it’s not a real band, while bands with far less talent get platinum records and sell out arenas all over the world because the radio forces them down our throats.(I’m looking at you “Disturbed”) That being said, Dethalbum II is a really solid metal cd. It deserves a chance to be heard by any fan of metal, no matter what your favorite band may be. Don’t discredit the band because it’s from a cartoon, listen with an open mind and you just might be surprised in the end

    Posted on February 2, 2010