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Dethalbum II

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  • “Dethklok is Scum!!!!!!!!
    It’s repulsive to the F*&@ing ear, that’s wot it is!!!!!”
    But don’t take cannibalistic baby-murderer Alfred Belmer seriously, this is actually an amazing album.
    However, a few things I’m a tad bummed about. What’s up with this having only twelve tracks? The last album had Sixteen! And there were songs from season two I really wanted to hear like the song from Dethrace or Dethgov, or even that sweet intro from the end of Dethrecord. Plus, to be honest, I liked the version of “Symmetry” heard on the show (Dethfashion) much more. The arrangements heard on the album of that song don’t sound as good to me. (And that was my favorite song! It was like a crazy, hybrid combonation of Metal and 70s prog rock if you can wrap your head around that!)
    Still, great album. Brendon Small must talk to his serpent a lot to have that kind of talent…

    Posted on December 6, 2009