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  • I would have never thought that Ratt could put out another flawless release like “Dancing Undercover”. I had almost completely written them off. I purchaced “81-91″ and heard the song “One Step Away”, after hearing that song, I immediately when out and bought “Detonator”. One of the smartest musical purchaces I’ve ever made……This CD is simply amazing. I think this could be the most powerful Ratt release to date. The production is incredible, and the sound is just pure Ratt&Roll at it’s very best. They could not have done a better job. Everyone is in full swing on “Detonator” and the songs are all classics IMO.Fans of old school Ratt, will love this in a big way. From start to finish, “Detonator” will hold it’s place in Ratt History as one, if not their very best release ever….RATT & ROLL FOREVER!!!

    Posted on December 25, 2009