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  • Originally put out in 1990,as this was Ratt’s fifth album.Not as good as,say their previous efforts like ‘Out Of The Cellar’ or ‘Dancing Undercover’,but still decent ’80’s metal.Tracks that sort of stand out are “Shame,Shame,Shame”,”Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job”,”Heads I Win,Tails You Lose”,the catchy “All Or Nothing” and “Giving Yourself Away”.Almost sorry to have to admit,that THESE days Ratt is a band that more or less is washed-up.Ever since guitarist Robbin Crosby(R.I.P.)had exited the group after the release of this lp,it was strictly down hill from there.It was nice to have Ratt around on the arena rock touring circuit,from like 1984-89.Their current line-up is nothing to write home about.

    Posted on December 25, 2009