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  • It worked for Aerosmith so Ratt takes the Chevrolet into the garage for an overhaul overseen by top-flight mechanics like songwriters for hire Desmond Child and Diane Warren, DeMartini and Crosby’s nimble high tech riffs curbed in favour of The Song. Power chords are tripled and quadrupled to faciliate maximum thickness, a thickness akin to molasses draped in a layer of winter fat covered with a bear skin rug, all led by the hailing battlecry of Bobby Blotzer’s slicing snare drum strike. With the only thing connecting Detonator to Ratt of old being the Pearcy snarl, this radical metamorphasis alienated a devotee or two. But don’t think that this rodent was going soft. Detonator has this band operating at full-on ferocity, the entire operation shaking like a [very angry] rattlesnake dripping metal-melting acid venom.’Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job’ conquers nations with a massive Cecil B. DeMille epic chorus wielding a hook that pierces and rips like razor sharp great white shark fishing line.’One Step Away’ is an unashamed tablet of optimistic happy rock with angel choir backup vox and suspended fourth guitar lines invoking nostalgia for the possiblity of lost love reclaimed.A circular, throbbing, unrelenting rhythm swirls throughout ‘Hard Time’.And ‘Heads I Win Tails You Lose’ brings in guest heavyweight Jon Bon Jovi for a chorus counter vocal that only serves to compliment Pearcy’s range.’All Or Nothing’ grooves with a ‘Way Cool Junior’ slink that pulls you in and holds you under till it’s good and ready to let you go. It’s capped with a female backup part emerging in the final chorus that hits the high notes necessary for this killer song to find its zenith.’Givin’ Yourself Away’ finds Pearcy stretching into areas we haven’t heard before, starting the song off in a low register with solid control and moving forward into a loping chorus that runs forward with confident strides, keyboards and guitar lines supporting him all the way.Album closer ‘Top Secret’ is where Ratt gets down to business with high octane diesel fuel furor driven by Blotzer’s unceasingly firm white knuckle grip on the wheel of this all-American hard rock vehicle.Forget all you remember about ‘Out Of The Cellar’, and immerse yourself in the final evolutionary stage of Ratt’s tenure with the major labels.

    Posted on December 25, 2009