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  • Nonpoint have done it. Not only did they kill Nu-metal with this album, but they found their own sound. Their previous albums Seperate Yourself, Struggle, and Statement were all early chapters of this amazing band, who have found their niche with Development. While I loved their previous albums, I was hoping for so much more in this band. And fortunately, all of it came true.When I heard the first single, “Your Signs”, I was convinced that either this album only had one song sounding like it, or a whole album of songs in varied styles. On the opening track, “Development”, they pull out more of their heavy stuff to set the stage for this amazing album. As the rest unfolds, the best tracks end up being “Excessive Reactions”, “Mountains”, “My Own Sake”, Normal Days”, and my personal favorite, “Hide And Seek”.The most pleasing thing about this album is how much more mature it is. The songwriting has certainly improved, and actually just about everything has. Andy’s guitar was amazing on the previous albums, and has only come to display more interesting riffs. However, the best part of this album I believe is Elias’s vocals. This time around, he sang more as opposed to rapping or screaming, and it truly shines on this album. His singing carries most of the album very well, but especially well on the song “Normal Days”. It’s pleasing to know that there are bands like Nonpoint out there, and it’s great to know that there are such talented musicians. This band has set the stage with Development, for a long and lasting career.

    Posted on December 17, 2009