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  • I am not a huge fan of Coal Chamber as I felt that they exemplify the whole nu-metal thing. People like me may be reluctant to get Devildriver’s CD for this reason, but Devildriver are really nothing at all like Coal Chamber. Devildriver has really made an effort to make a solid metal album, shying away from the gimmicks that so often define a typical nu-metal band. There are no electronics, costumes, or hip-hop crap present on this CD, just straight-up guitars (there are 2 guitar players), drumming, and aggressive vocals. Devildriver are not nu-metal, death metal, or thrash — they are just metal, which is something that is not around much these days.First of all, the guitar work is very solid for a good metal CD — great riffs are everywhere. There are little or no solos here, but there is plenty of low-end, punishing guitar-work. The drumming is very solid with a lot of pounding double-bass that is perfect for a pure metal band. Dez’s vocal are always very rough and he almost never uses his clear singing voice (which is a good thing). This vocal style is perfect for the type of music on this CD. I won’t lie and say that the lyrics are stellar — they aren’t terrific by any means, but then again they could be a lot worse. For this type of album, however, the lyrics are overshadowed enough by the music that this shortcoming is relatively minor.Bottom line — this is a very good CD for you if you just want to listen to real metal from a new band (rather than dig through a bunch of 10+ year old albums). Standout tracks include “I Could Care Less”, “Cry For Me Sky”, “The Mountain”, and “What Does It Take”.

    Posted on February 6, 2010