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Devil's Ground

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Reissue of the 1993 album from the influential Progressive Metal band from Canada. They evolved through an early Speed Metal phase, through Thrash Metal, always with a unique sound. Born from the Thrash Metal era, but always, more than a Thrash Metal band, Voivod have made some of the most satisfying and challenging extreme Rock music of the modern era. This was the last album Voivod recorded with their vocalist Snake until, exactly 10 years later, they released their self-titled reunion album in 2003. The Outer Limits features a perfect blend of past formulas with new and innovative ideas. On this album, Voivod mixed various thematic and musical elements with ease, which resulted in their most powerful, diversified, and mature release. Includes a cover of Pink Floyd’s ’The Nile Song’. The booklet features a 3D graphic design, which can be viewed through special 3DG glasses that come along with the package. Metal Mind Records. 2008.

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  • Primal Fear does not pretend to reinvent the wheel. They celebrate all things heavy metal and do a damn awe-inspiring job! Lead off track “Metal is Forever” is one rambunctious kicker of a tune, kind of a cross between high-octane Judas Priest and Restless and Wild era Accept. There are no real surprises on the disc, which may disappoint some fans, nonetheless the album positively roars. With Tom Naumann back in the fray on guitar, Devil’s Ground pounds with a little more panache than the last album Black Sun. New drummer Randy Black does a rather smashing job, also. The only other addition to the Primal Fear sound seems to be the addition of orchestral backing to tracks such as “Visions of Fate” and “The Healer.” It does add to the fullness and vitality of the songs. Things get really Priesty come “Sea of Flames” with its Painkiller-esque drum intro and guitar riffs…and I wholeheartedly approve! One weakness of the record (I agree with the other reviewer) is the hokey spoken word outro which only serves as a distraction at the end of a rip-roaring ride through metaldom. The guys made one tiny error- so what! One other small comment- I would have liked to have seen the track “Sacred Illusion” (the best song on Devil’s Ground) as the first song. It kinda languishes in the middle part of the record when it would have really been able to shine at the beginning. Devil’s Ground kicks major booty. And I have 3 copies myself because I can’t get enough! Support Primal Fear for they ARE metal personified!! David J Newman 2004

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Its just awesomely solid.
    Metal is Forever is a great openee. Suicide and Mania is just plain sick, this one gets the repeat on my player alot. Straight ahead in your face riff and the chorus is just so….. metal. The Healer, Suicide and Mania, Colony 13, and SoulChaser are the best songs on the cd. But all are above average solid metal butt kicking. Heart Of A Brave has an excellent chorus as wel. While I dont think this one is as melodic as Black Sun which i love, it still gets more player time. i didnt think Sacred illusion was the best song as others have stated but each his own. Sea Of Flames is so Judas Priest in its smash your face in kinda way that its sick.

    Posted on November 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • When I listen to Primal Fear I hear mostly Judas Priest with elements of Halford, Iron Maiden and maybe a little Dio thrown in there as well. I love all those bands so to me that is not a bad thing at all. They are definitely old school power metal with some speed metal thrown in for good measure. I just wish there were more bands today like Primal Fear that played this style of metal. My personal favorites on this disc are Suicide and Mania, Visions of Hate, Sea of Flames, and Heart of Brave. I’m not all that crazy about metal anthems. I don’t think its necessary to sing about the greatness of heavy metal. You either think its great or don’t. That being said, as metal anthems go, Metal is Forever is better than most. Track 12 with the spoken message about hell doesn’t really add anything to the album but doesn’t necessarily take anything away either. Even though I would have liked to see how great Ralf Scheepers would have been with Priest, in a way I’m glad he didn’t get the job. Otherwise we might not have Primal Fear. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Overall a solid effort definitely worth picking up.

    Posted on November 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Five albums in, and these guys have put out another complete metal album. I’ve been a fan since the first album and I know that when a new one is released (five in 6 years!) I will not be disappointed. If you in any way call yourself a fan of the genre of heavy metal and you don’t own this or any other of their albums, go break out your George Michael “Faith” c.d.s. The only other band out there right now that is this consistent is HammerFall. I’ts almost impossible to choose one of Primal’s albums from my collection now because they are all excellent. A blind purchase for anyone with any metal taste. Why this band isn’t bigger in the U.S. is a travesty. Oh, I know why, because everyone’s busy listening to Puddle of Dung….Peace.

    Posted on November 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Primal Fear is a band that has taken the influences of Judas Priest,Accept and Helloween and added a few more layers of molten steel to create they’re modern day yet ever so classic metal.Devil’s Ground is Primal Fears’s 5th record.And other than the first,which is smokin’ and was a huge surprise,it is their best.One reason is because they’ve added a few new elements.Like some string sections in The Healer.An excellent track,one of their best.Of course the majority of the record is fast and furious “Painkiller” type metal.Anyone that knows this band knows they’re not breaking any new ground here.Just heads up Tradtional Metal.Though they have taken it to a better level in the studio sonically.Making crystal clear blaring recordings that just sound awesome cranked through some decent speakers!High points on the disc for me are Wings of Desire,The Healer,Suicide & Mania,In Metal and Sacred Illusion.And Devil’s Ground itself is not even a track,it is an ominous spoken word passage about Hell that seems more like something from a Dimmu Borgir album than Primal Fear.So if you’re a fan you’ll be very pleased with this CD.If you’ve never heard of Primal Fear but you’re into bands like Priest,Accept,Gamma Ray,Dream Evil or Helloween.You should definitly check this out.

    Posted on November 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now