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Devil's Ground

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  • Primal Fear is a band that has taken the influences of Judas Priest,Accept and Helloween and added a few more layers of molten steel to create they’re modern day yet ever so classic metal.Devil’s Ground is Primal Fears’s 5th record.And other than the first,which is smokin’ and was a huge surprise,it is their best.One reason is because they’ve added a few new elements.Like some string sections in The Healer.An excellent track,one of their best.Of course the majority of the record is fast and furious “Painkiller” type metal.Anyone that knows this band knows they’re not breaking any new ground here.Just heads up Tradtional Metal.Though they have taken it to a better level in the studio sonically.Making crystal clear blaring recordings that just sound awesome cranked through some decent speakers!High points on the disc for me are Wings of Desire,The Healer,Suicide & Mania,In Metal and Sacred Illusion.And Devil’s Ground itself is not even a track,it is an ominous spoken word passage about Hell that seems more like something from a Dimmu Borgir album than Primal Fear.So if you’re a fan you’ll be very pleased with this CD.If you’ve never heard of Primal Fear but you’re into bands like Priest,Accept,Gamma Ray,Dream Evil or Helloween.You should definitly check this out.

    Posted on November 29, 2009