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Devil's Ground

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  • Primal Fear does not pretend to reinvent the wheel. They celebrate all things heavy metal and do a damn awe-inspiring job! Lead off track “Metal is Forever” is one rambunctious kicker of a tune, kind of a cross between high-octane Judas Priest and Restless and Wild era Accept. There are no real surprises on the disc, which may disappoint some fans, nonetheless the album positively roars. With Tom Naumann back in the fray on guitar, Devil’s Ground pounds with a little more panache than the last album Black Sun. New drummer Randy Black does a rather smashing job, also. The only other addition to the Primal Fear sound seems to be the addition of orchestral backing to tracks such as “Visions of Fate” and “The Healer.” It does add to the fullness and vitality of the songs. Things get really Priesty come “Sea of Flames” with its Painkiller-esque drum intro and guitar riffs…and I wholeheartedly approve! One weakness of the record (I agree with the other reviewer) is the hokey spoken word outro which only serves as a distraction at the end of a rip-roaring ride through metaldom. The guys made one tiny error- so what! One other small comment- I would have liked to have seen the track “Sacred Illusion” (the best song on Devil’s Ground) as the first song. It kinda languishes in the middle part of the record when it would have really been able to shine at the beginning. Devil’s Ground kicks major booty. And I have 3 copies myself because I can’t get enough! Support Primal Fear for they ARE metal personified!! David J Newman 2004

    Posted on November 30, 2009