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Devour the Power

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  • I happened upon this album while browsing through a record store. I was looking through the metal cds and all of sudden I found a band named Destroy Destroy Destroy. The title of the album entitled “Devour the Power” .The name of the band grabbed me right away, mainly because it was a bit over top and kind of ridiculous. However under closer inspection, the album cover kept my interest. It has an image of demon like beast on it and there was a sticker that stated “for fans of Children of Bodom, Dragonforce, and Hammerfall”. Well being a fan of all three of those bands I decided to sample it on a sample player. The sample player would play me about 30 seconds of each track. After doing so I immediately made the decision to purchase it. Not only that but the price for the cd was only $9.99.

    When I got home I popped the album into my player and was extremely pleased in what I heard. This band had mixed power metal with black and thrash metal, and they had done pretty darn good job of it. The riffs are fast and very hard with keyboards that sound a lot like Dragonforce. The vocals for almost the whole record remain in a black metal style with some death metal growls thrown in hear and there. The lyrics are mainly fantasy based with some Viking style subject matter. Being a new band, as far as I can tell this is Destroy Destroy Destroy’s debut record and they have produce one heavy mother of an album that shreds pretty hard. All of the tracks pummel your head, however some stand out tracks in my opinion are “Hang the Vermin”, “Battle Cry”, and “Ripped apart by the Juggernaut” just to name a few. Anyone who is a hardcore metal head would enjoy this album. It has lots of guitars and thunderous drums. However one has to get past the keyboards. At first they caught me a bit off guard but I got use to them pretty fast. I will say if you like power metal you will love this. If power metal is not quite your thing then defiantly sample the record first. I will say that this is a much darker, and deadlier version of any power metal band I have heard. A good solid debut for a new metal band and I hope to hear more from these lads in the future.

    Posted on December 10, 2009