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Devour the Power

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Destroy, Destroy, Destroy - The Winged Panther

2009 Battle Sluts //Track 07 //Usa //myspace com/destroydestroydestroy - You like it? Buy it!

Born of Thunder - Destroy Destroy Destroy

Another good song by Destroy Destroy Destroy.

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Gods Of War And Open Sores

The Song "Gods Of War And Open Sores" from the American Underground Band "Destroy Destroy Destroy". From The Album "Devour The Power"(2006).

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Upon the Arctic Plains [with The Second Coming Intro]

I love this song and felt like the intro from Battle Sluts fits it perfectly. I also couldn't find a good quality version of either on YouTube, so, I decided...

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Ripped apart by the Juggernaut of Fornication

Feel the hands of a monster wrap around your skin, rib cage, and chest cavity. Will lay on the ground as your innards spread the word of a lifeless hole you ...

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Born of Thunder

Album: Battle Sluts Genre: Melodic Death / Power Metal Country: USA.

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy - Battle Slut Drinking Song

2009 Battle Sluts //Track 12 //Usa //myspace com/destroydestroydestroy - You like it? Buy it!

Chakal - Possessed Landscape

Chakal - Clipe da música Possessed Landscape, retirada do álbum "Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" Autumn Filmes Diretor: Luciano Marcenes.

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy - The Berserkers field of Whores

2009 Battle Sluts //Track 09 //Usa //myspace com/destroydestroydestroy - You like it? Buy it!