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Diary of a Madman

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  • When I got this cd, I didn’t have enough money to get the new version, luckily! I listened to the new re – recorded version, and this cd is so much better its not even funny. GET THIS ONE!.

    This album was originally released in 1982, and is sadly the last album with Randy Rhoads in it. This album has great guitar solo’s, lyrics, drums, and bass work in it.

    ok so now lets look at the cd.

    Printing, good glossed over paper for protecting the cd, It has original album art, lyrics, and some pictures. And the song listing. 5/5.

    Technical – Just in this special case, it has not been tampered with so were going to go with 10/5

    Songwise now.

    Over the Mountain – One of Ozzy’s greatest songs, and one of my favorites, maybe the best song on the cd, its a great opening for this cd. It has a spookifying guitar riff, and an amazing solo. Drums and bass work good, and Ozzy’s voice is great on this song. 5/5

    Flying High Again – Great Guitar work, Great solo, funny lyrics, and Good musicianship – 5/5

    You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll – A balled like song, about Ozzy’s true love – Rock and Roll, its a good song, with good lyrics and guitar work. 5/5

    Believer – An astonishing work of art by Ozzy, great lyrics, and Guitar work like usual. 5/5

    Little Dolls – Great Lyrics, Great Guitar work, and just a great song. 5/5

    Tonight – A rock balled like song, its very good, good lyrics, and guitar work, however like every cd has one, its the weakest song on the album, but its still a great great song. 4/5

    S.A.T.O. – A Dramatic song, with some of the greatest guitar work ever, and Ozzy’s Voice shines on it. 5/5

    Diary Of A Madman – Some of the greatest guitar work, and spooky lyrics – Kudos to RANDY RHOADS ON THIS ALBUM!!!.

    Overall Rating 5/5. This and Blizzard of Ozz, are the greatest Ozzy cd’s. I love the others, but these just are.

    Posted on February 14, 2010