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Diary of a Madman

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  • Diary of a Madman is without a doubt Rany Rhoads’ masterpiece album. It showcases his amazingly influential style of playing by combining elements of classical guitar with heavy metal. If your expecting Diary of a Madman to sound like Blizzard of Ozz, throw all of you expectations out the window cause it doesn’t. The opening rocker Over the Mountain is one of Ozzy’s greatest songs of all time and features on of the best Randy solos of all time. The next song is the fan favorite Flying High Again. You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll is somewhat of a mellow song until it kicks in about half way through it. The album is filled with long songs. Believer has some sort of a darkness to it. It’s heavy but melodic. Little Dolls and S.A.T.O. are both rockers and feature amazing guitar work by Randy Rhoads. The power ballad Tonight is another high point of the album. The true masterpiece on the album without a doubt is the epic title track. This song is absolutely amazing. It starts off with Randy playing a beautiful classic guitar piece. Then the song kicks into one of the coolest metal guitar riffs of all time. The song then slows down when Ozzy statrts to sing. Throughout the song it just keeps getting heavy then slows. I can’t even describe it. This is an album that everyone must own, especially guitar players. This album is truly amazing and you won’t regret buying it.

    Posted on February 14, 2010