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Diary of a Madman

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  • Diary of a Madman in my opinion is the greatest masterwork of music in the 20th century. Many love “Blizzard” better because it has the popular “Crazy Train,” but no other rock ‘n’ roll album has had more musical thought put into it than “Diary of a Madman.” “Blizzard of Oz” was a great album but this album showed where Randy’s style was going. The orchestration on this ablum is phenominal. The different layers of guitar work and Randy’s knowledge of the entire Guitar (fretboard, knobs and switches) is shown on this album. Ozzy’s vocals like on Blizzard are the best of his solo career. The lyrics are well thought out and poetic. And Besides this album jams more than anything else ever put on vinyl or CD.
    Randy showed a control over his guitar and amplifier and all the features and possible notes, noises and feedbacks on this album that surpass even Hendrix. And it all is very musically sound and classically inspired. No other guitarists work has as much feeling and originality to it than Randy Rhoads. Even a blues man I knew said “that boy’s got soul.” One review I read called this album dull in comparison to “Blizzard.” That’s a joke. Randy is harder and more raw on this album. While many guitarists have tried to be classical, most end up unoriginal, or boring or lacking a soul a spirit to their music. Who wants to sound exactly like Bach. There are many technically proficiant players out there. Some may even be better players but Randy blows them all away because he doesn’t just play good, he sounds great.
    Highlights: the solo on “Over the Mountain” , all of the guitar work on “You Can’t Kill Rock n Roll”. On this track Randy shows a knowledge of all the different voices a guitar can have.
    “Believer” is a great song. Dissonant with an ostinato bass line openning it up, there is much to do with classical inspiration in this song. “Tonight” — a ballad with soul. It has a strong bass line with many different layers including piano, guitar volume swells and the ending solo is perhaps Randy’s best solo work– an emotion stirring solo that uses a knowledge of the entire electric guitar and possible noises that can be produced. SATO starts with a mystical classical feel and drives into a hard fast jammer. The last song on the album “Diary of a Madman” in my opinion is the greatest composition of modern music. Completely classically inspired it showed Randy’s complete depth as a classical composer. The openning arpegiated chords are disonant and complex in nature. They are played with a rubato feel. This leads into a fast extemely hard driving theme very complex in rhythm. Alternating 9/8 and 3+3+2/8. The 1st verse is in 7/4 time. The main theme is actually developed. A classical concept. The time signature in this song actually changes dozens of times. The bridge is in 4/4 time and builds to an explosion and the ending returns to the main theme this time done by a guitar and an exorcist like chorus. “Enemies fill up the pages are they me. Monday til Sunday in stages, Set Me free.”
    If you don’t understand what I’ve said here. Don’t worry. I love this album the most because it jams.

    Posted on February 15, 2010