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  • By now everybody has heard the somewhat dissapointing news of Fear Factory’s break-up…It was bound to happen and “Digimortal” was their cue for disbanding…As a huge fan of FF, I was very amazed but very dissapointed with the release of “Digimortal”. It had the Fear Factory sound, but the cybernetic and futuristic vibe was not there. That to me represented what Fear Factory was all about. The few songs that are great really are great and definately standout as a testimony what Fear Factory had built itself upon. Burton C. Bell’s vocals are still amazing, and Raymond Herrera’s drumming is still in fine shape…but Dino’s lack of brutality and Christian’s dull-sounding bass is what brought this album down. The lyrics are very simple and not that nerve-striking as on their first 2 albums. The song “Back The Fxxk Up” is really a huge dissapointment..I guess Fear Factory needed to cash in on the whole Rap-Metal/Nu-Metal trend that they help create, yet never really got the respect for. Still songs like “What Will Become?”, “Acres Of Skin”, and the damn-good “Invisible Wounds(Dark Bodies)” are their last few songs that fans can enjoy for years to come. Fear Factory is no more, and now their legacy of quality music now lies amongst other great bands such as Death(R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner), Carcass, Brutal Truth, Possessed, and Terrorizer…and thus answers the question in the lyrics of the song “Linchpin”…”We will never see the end”…Hopefully never see the end of great quality bands such as Fear Factory.

    Posted on January 8, 2010