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  • This album is not very good and is simply Fear factory’s attempt to to sell out, only they really haven’t done it very well. While this album is definetly more commercial than there past albums I get the feeling that Fear factory aren’t actually selling out and are just going through a sort of lull. Although there are some songs on here clearly geared towards the mainstream such as ‘linchpin’, it seems Fear factory don’t really want to sell out, giving the whole affair a sort of half heated feel to it. The end result is a rather confused album which I don’t think is going to please anyone; neither old-skool Fear factory fans, nor slipknot-hoodie-wearing green day fans. All in all this is just a crap album. It isn’t startlingly mainstream, simple and repetetive, but it isn’t really any good either. Compared to Fear factory’s previous albums it is quite plainly rubbish(however you must bear in mind how good fear factory arewere). Sometimes it does show glimmers of hope but is generally pretty dull.Needless to say if I had listened to it before buying it I would not of bought it. Either listen to old Fear factory like Demanufacture or listen to some ‘Dark Army’. Who are just like old Fear factory but with amusing lyrics and incredibly cliched song titles.

    Posted on January 8, 2010