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  • As others have stated, the rap-rock song does not fit well with the rest of their music and even if you like the genre the song is farcial and silly. (It’s kind of hypocritical that Dino criticized Machine Head for doing the same thing.) – .5 star. -1.5 stars for rushing the album. All the previous albums they did meant something… The Industrial-death metal “Soul of a New Machine” touched on topics like racial profiling (Scapegoat) Religious hypocrisy (Pisschrist), and gun control (H-K) “Demanufacture’s” “A Therapy for Pain” was about near-death experiences. “Replica” was about the positives of abortion choice. On the heavy but more popular “Obsolete”, the song that everybody likes, “Descent” was about isolation/despondency, and “Hi-Tech Hate” was about the evils of weapons of mass destruction. Regardless of each song’s contexts, earlier albums were about the excesses of technology, shining light on the fact that one day we won’t control them but they may control us. I was expecting “Digimortal” to be a pilot to Obsolete’s Conception 5 (as it was claimed to be during production) but this is not so. There is no concept. Although the songs here (minus the rap song) were musically GOOD, lyrically they were BAD. A band known for profound words have gone to lyrics like “Take one more shot at me”, “Don’t let the time pass waiting for the answer” “you can’t change me”, and worst of all, “One step closer” (How many bands are going to have these three words in the same year?) The anticipated single “Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)” will probably play well on the radio, but unfortunately it sounds like an old Metallica song (Metallica before they became a boyband) and also suffers from repetitive or mean-nothing lyrics. The redeeming highlights would probably be “What Will Become” and “Hurt Conveyor” (stays true to their original style) and for the tracks with Bell’s somber chants I would say “Acres of Skin”, “Byte Block” and “Memory Imprints (Never End).” But all in all just an average FF album. If you’re new to FF and like this album I can assure you even if you don’t like music too heavy that you’ll like their previous works much better than this one.

    Posted on January 8, 2010