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  • FF’s albums tend to be very hit and miss. You can take their 1st album which is very thrashy and speedy…. I feel they really defined their sound with Demanufacture, a totally awesome album. Their remix album [wasn't good] (why did they do this? remix heavy metal stuff don’t exactly sound good) and Obsolete just didn’t cut it.This album brings back the heaviness that every FF fan wants! I would say that this group has the heaviest sound for heavy metal or industrial. Prong can’t come close, Biohazard are a bunch of weenies (lack of substance and lots of yelling don’t equal good), Korn still sucks and don’t count on current metal to put up a fight. What makes good heavy metal is that these guys are out to be the heaviest damn band out there. They have issues with the world (errr, machines), they aren’t out to get chicks (ie; Motley Crue, Limp Bizkit, etc…), and they don’t have gimmicks (Slipknot, Staind, Mudvayne). This album, for me, has the same heaviness as Demanufacture did and that’s a good thing. They mix it up a little with the direction they were going in Obsolete (a bit of a heavy metal rap thing or something odd). They do have a ‘rap’ track and one might think it’s dorky, but really, it’s pretty cool. I think they are finally finding their place in heavy metal as well as their sound. I wish they would get more recognition because there are lamer heavy metal bands. Listen to the real stuff. It’s groups like Fear Factory, Slayer, Metallica (better duck to dodge tomatos), Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Pantera and Sepultura that make heavy metal what is should be. MTV makes metal look like it’s hip and that isn’t a good thing. Break away from the normal stuff and dive into a group that will kick butt!

    Posted on January 8, 2010