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Dimension Hatröss

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  • The music world was just not ready for _Dimension Hatross_ when it was released in 1988. Back then, rock music was dominated by people who spent more time sculpting their hair than writing songs. This album for its time was akin to the F-18 being built right after the Wright Brothers conducted their little flight at Kitty Hawk. Of course this was lost on a public who only wanted to hear from Bon Jovi, Poison, or Def Leppard.

    I don’t pretend like I know the guys in the band, but _DH_ to me represents Voivod being their most “Voivodesque”. It is a happy medium between the heavy and nihilistic facets of their earlier material and the progressive elements that would surface on future albums. While not too many gave that much though about it during the 80s or 90s, this “heavy and progressive” philosophy now has better-known devotees like Meshuggah and Mastodon. Both of those bands have yet to release anything that ranks below excellent.

    The concept tells of the Voivod being who finds itself in an experiment with a particle accelerator, in which protons and anti-protons collide into each other. The explosion from the collision creates a micro-galaxy for the Voivod to explore and gather information from. Along the way; the Voivod encounters a primitive tribal society who see it as their messiah, anarcho-terrorists, Orwellian technocrats, non-corporeal parasites who steal mental energy, and the destruction of this newly created galaxy. But who had time for that when that guy in Def Leppard wanted you to pour sugar on him?

    Like the protons and antiprotons that created the micro-galaxy, _DH_ is a universe of contradictions. It’s progressive but punkish. It has a huge cosmic feel without losing its endearing low-budget grit. It’s chaotic but disciplined. It’s beautiful without being schmaltzy. And for something released 17 years ago, it’s still ahead of its time. And will probably be for sometime to come.

    Posted on February 16, 2010