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Dimension Hatröss

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  • I agree completely with those reviews which place this album on the same level as Voivod’s most critically acclaimed album, Nothingface. Whilst the musical style is somewhat different (retaining more of the thrash style heard on the band’s previous efforts), the album offers just as much, if not more, creativity and innovation. Although the band displays awesome musicianship keeping such complex and dissonant arrangemets flowing, it is Snake’s voice (in my opinion) that is the glue which holds the whole ensemble together. Very few vocalists seem to be able to inject as much personality into their performances, suggesting that whilst his style is unusual, he REALLY knows what he’s doing, and provides the focus for the listener which augments the amazing creativity on display. This is the kind of album that makes aspiring musicians give up in despair, as it’s highly unlikely that this sort of symbiosis will be achieved in this context again.

    Posted on February 17, 2010