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Diminishing Between Worlds

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  • I expected this to happen after listening to the 2006 pro, just like it happened with other Unique Leader affiliated bands like Odious Mortem and Severed Savior. Decrepit Birth made a giant step forward from something that was pretty good into something amazing. “Diminishing Between Worlds” is a mighty accomplishment, consisting of much improved production, amazing solos and riffs, and dissonant yet structured songs. It still retains its brutal edge it had on “…And Time Begins” even with its newly found technical and melodic edge, as heard on the remake of the song “…And Time Begins”.

    Don’t miss out on this if you’re into bands like later-era Death, Necrophagist, Anata, Spawn of Possession, and Gorguts.

    Posted on January 29, 2010