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  • I was incredibly to surprised to see many of the other reviews of this album. I’ve been a fan of AC/DC for many years now, but just got around to reading the reviews posted here. I have always considered this to be among the bands best albums. The first cut, the title track, is among the top rock songs ever, and its influence in the world of modern heavy metal seems almost painfully obvious. The other tracks are all filled with the same rambunctions rock ‘n’ roll that comprised their previous album(s). Rocker is great, as is Problem Child, Love at First Feel, and one of personal favorites, Squealer. On top of that Ride On, while not typical AC/DC material, is an incredibly powerful blues song granting the listener with some insight to the man that was Bon Scott. I wish they had done some more slow ones like this every now and then. On the other side of the musical coin from Ride On is Big Balls, which is incredibly stupid, but I’ve found it also draws some previously biased listeners into the world of AC/DC fandom. This album summarizes to me what the band is really like, its seems more personal than most of their records (namely Powerage), captures the fun of the band in the studio, while still holding on to the driving rock rhythym that they invented. This album is an absolute must.

    Posted on January 28, 2010