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Disclaimer II (Bonus DVD)

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  • I will first admit that I didn’t purchase the original version of Disclaimer as I only got into Seether about 4 months ago. So after hearing that it was to be re-released with extra songs and a DVD I thought I would wait for that. Upon receiving this on the day of release, I stuck it straight into my CD player and cranked it up. Being a Nirvana fan, I can make some comparisons along the lines of they sound rather similair. For me, the best songs are Gasoline, Fine Again, Driven Under, Sympathetic and Broken (with Amy Lee). This is probably the first album that I own with which I have no alarms toward any song – they are all absolutely brilliant ! Now I suppose I shall wait until 2005 for the proper follow-up and if it is anything like Disclaimer (musically), then I can’t wait. Also – I have heard a lot of people compare Seether to Staind. All I can say to that is that apart from ‘Break The Cycle’, Staind are yet to produce anything of any quality – whereas Seether have managed it with their first try and hopefully Seether’s next album will be just as good.

    Posted on March 4, 2010